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Audio Transfers

Bill Corkery Productions expertly transfers audio from one format to another, such as vinyl and cassette to CD audio, WAV, AIFF, MP3, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC and many other formats. Some of these formats are destructive and actually lose digital information through truncation. For playback, this generally isn’t an issue because your computer or player interpolates the remaining data for a close representation of the original sound. However, it’s important to maintain the highest quality if the audio is to be processed or edited.

FLAC is a good example of a lossless compression algorithm, while WAV and AIFF remain uncompressed and are, therefore, a larger file size. The popular MP3 format is usually about 10% the size of the represented WAV or AIFF file and is compressed using encoders such as Blade, LAME or Fraunhofer. Be aware that this is a lossy process. Although copying and recopying digital audio files will not degrade the sound, with repeated encoding and decoding of an MP3 file, audible degradation will very quickly be noticed. If you need professional quality sound, you may want to consider a professional studio like Bill Corkery Productions for your audio transfers.