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Audio Enhancement

Audio Salvaging. Bill Corkery Productions uses state-of-the-art audio techniques and equipment to enhance poor quality courtroom, surveillance and vintage tapes. We’ve also digitized and enhanced old 78 RPM records so they can be enjoyed on today’s players.

Legal. Legal and law enforcement professionals seek out Bill Corkery Productions to enhance poor quality tapes containing important evidence that may be inaudible because of poor recording conditions.

Bill Corkery Productions is also skilled in helping clients to determine if tapes have been altered. Forensic audio is 50% skill and 50% art, and Bill Corkery’s experience in this area has made him the go-to guy for audio enhancement.

Corporate. Often, a corporate video is recorded at multiple locations under a wide range of conditions resulting in mismatched audio quality. Bill Corkery Productions can fix this. We make the transition between conflicting passages seamless and barely noticeable. This allows the audience to be less distracted by anomalies in audio quality and more attentive to the content of the message.

Our studio is a pristine listening environment resulting in very detailed and accurate sound. This makes it much easier to isolate the offending audio and adjust accordingly.

General Public. Bill Corkery Productions also consults on personal projects. A frequent request is to enhance old tape and vinyl recordings and transfer them to CD.

One memorable and challenging project concerned a paper record, found at the bottom of a trunk, made by a client’s long deceased father. Recorded at a USO in Germany during World War II, it was sent home from the front lines. Some of the recording was beyond recovery, but the sections that were salvaged and enhanced resurrected a voice that rekindled fond and distant memories of a loved one.