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About Bill Corkery

Bill Corkery has referred to himself as a “knob-ologist” ever since his time in the US Navy as a helicopter crewman, rescue swimmer and submarine hunter in HS-2 aboard the USS Enterprise. For his anti-submarine warfare responsibilities he used an array of knobs, switches and screens to operate the latest gear the Navy had to offer. “Knob-ology” for Bill continued with his career in audio production after his graduation from San Diego State University where he earned a degree in Communications. He quickly put his education and experience to work at KGB-FM, San Diego’s number one Classic Rock station and KPOP radio, where he developed his art and was recognized for his skill and talent as an audio producer, writer and voice actor. After honing his craft there, Bill Corkery became Production Director at San Diego’s top-rated alternative radio station, 91-X, and XTRA Sports 690, home of the San Diego Chargers broadcasts.

Bill was part of the transition team for 69 Extra Gold, when the solid gold formatted station moved to a news talk format by establishing a brand new station image with ID’s, bumpers, promos and programming for News/Talk 690. This eventually became XTRA Sports 690. Bill worked closely with the on-air talent, program director and news department to keep the station’s image dynamic and fresh as well as entertaining and informative. He also produced shows to run during holiday periods, giving the talent a welcome break from their on-air duties. It was on the strength of Bill’s positive attitude and hard work that the Employee of the Month award was initiated at 91-X and Bill was the 1st recipient of this distinction in the company’s history. Sirius Satellite Radio often calls on the services of Bill Corkery as their San Diego arm of the satellite group. He’s done character voices as well as recorded and edited other talent for video games. Some of the gaming companies Bill Corkery Productions has worked with include Blizzard, Bethesda, Her Interactive, Humongous, Konami, Sega, and numerous others.

In 1993, Bill Corkery opened his own studio, Bill Corkery Productions, and has been providing creative audio solutions for clients throughout Southern California, the U.S. and Europe. Bill’s production skills have garnered him Silver Microphone, A.I.R. and EAR awards.

I offer national quality audio at reasonable, local rates, helping clients carefully craft their audio image. For example, radio spots are all about the quality of the audio and the message. It’s all about capturing and keeping the listener’s ear that makes the message resonate with your soon-to-be clients. If you take the production cost of a great radio spot and amortize it over the length of the schedule, it’s just a few dollars each time it runs. Realize that, when you take the time and energy to do it right, you’re projecting the proper image for your product or service. Don’t be satisfied with just OK. OK gets lost in the pack. You want to be out ahead, be noticed as the leader! You can do this with a well written and produced commercial that will create a buzz and reward the listeners with a clever turn of phrase or a humorous punch and thoughtful, quality production that results in a smile. The audience will associate that good feeling with your company name or product. Use the psychology of advertising to your advantage.