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About the Studio

The Studio is a state-of-the-art digital facility with multiple Neumann U-87, Sony C-48, Sennheiser MKH 416, MD-421, Evolution E-845, Sure BG-3.1 and the obligatory SM-58 microphones. The signal is sent from the mics to either an Avalon 737 VT or a Pendulum Audio MDP-1 pre-amp. This world class signal chain continues through Apogee or Lynx converters. After conversion, the recording is captured on a custom-built computer designed to preserve a pure and natural sound.

The studio also offers a Telos Zephyr for ISDN connectivity around the world and a Gentner digital telephone hybrid allowing for off-site direction via phone patch. All these tools are nestled in a comfortably intimate setting. As technology evolves, so does the equipment at BCP, where we take great pride in keeping pace with new developments in the audio industry.

Carefully acquired over many years, BCP has one of the largest music bed and sound effects libraries in San Diego. This offers clients instantaneous in-studio access to an enormous selection of sound effects, music and production elements.

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